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About us

About us

In 1997 experts from the field reforming stainless steel established company INOX DESIGN d.o.o. We want to apply our knowledge and experiences from catering industry on other fields of industry. We expanded our activity also on other fields, from laboratory equipment, different industrial products (like containers, housings, casings), to construction industry. Due to accuracy and wish for producing more pretentious products, we succeed in breaking into the field of pharmacy which we consider as our most demanding field.

New challenges led us to cooperation with companies abroad. We work with companies from European Union (Germany, Austria, Italy, France, …). With foreign companies we make around 50 % of annual turnover, our goal is to increase turnover with EU countries.

We are small flexible company. We like new challenges and we often participate in the development and implementing of unique product.

Brnciceva ulica 31
1231 Ljubljana – Crnuce

Director: Jaka Mesko

Registry number:     1196596
VAT ID number:     SI68799977
VAT taxable person:     YES
IBAN:     SI56 0316 2101 2515 848
Bank:     Sberbank d.d.